Club Safety Policy

Safety Policy

The use of firearms can be hazardous. The attention of all members and visitors is drawn to the range safety rules that are displayed on the notice board and wall. All members and visitors must be aware of and understand these rules, if you are in doubt don’t wait for the accident to happen, please ask!

In addition to the normal hazards associated with the handling and use of firearms two specific hazards must be brought to your notice, Noise and Eye Damage.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss is irreversible and often not discovered until irreparable damage has been done. Exposure to the sound of gunfire will affect your hearing and may cause noise induced hearing loss. No person may shoot on the range UNLESS they are wearing some form of suitable hearing protection. This may be in the form of plugs or “muffs”. If you do not have such protection the club will be happy to provide you with either. Please remember you MAY NOT shoot unless you are wearing protection.

The level of noise experienced in the waiting room may be troublesome and for some people uncomfortable. You are advised to continue to wear protection when waiting to shoot.

There are occasions when small pieces of projectile bounce back up the range from the backstop. Occasionally accidents do occur and cartridges cases split causing brass fragments and hot gases to be ejected from the gun. Should this happen then the potential for damage to the eyes is considerable. Protection is not normally provided by the club but whenever you shoot you are strongly advised to wear some form of eye protection. If you wear corrective lenses to shoot then suitable protective lenses can be acquired from any optician. If you buy such lenses, or indeed acquire any other form of eye protection, you should ensure that it is marked with the British Standard “kitemark” and approved to BS. 2092.

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