Q. Is shooting expensive?

A. No. The cost is £4 per night plus ammunition. Most newcomers start off by using 0.22 rifles, for which the price of ammunition is around £6.50 per 100 rounds

Q. Do you need to own a lot of expensive equipment?

A. No. LRPC has an extensive range of club firearms and accessories which you can use free of charge for as long as you are a member

Q. Do you need to have natural ability to be a good shot?

A. No. Natural shots are extremely rare. Like most other sports, ability comes with practice. LRPC offers the facilities, help and guidance for you to excel if you want to. The club gives its members training to shoot safely and to shoot well

Q. Is target shooting is a male preserve?

A. Absolutely not. Target shooting is only one of a handful of sports where men, women, able bodied, disabled, the old and the young compete on equal terms

Q. Will I need a Firearms Certificate to shoot?

A. No. You are covered by an exemption in the Firearms Act which allows members of shooting clubs to be in possession of club guns without the need for a certificate. Of course, once you become a full member, we encourage you to apply for one – and will give you every assistance in that application

Q. Is target shooting is a very ‘elitist’ sport?

A. No. LRPC club members come from all walks of life, and a friendlier bunch of people you could not wish to meet. If you come to visit us, you will be made very welcome

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