All members are encouraged to take part in competitions, both in the Lewsey club and on other sites (the main external site being Bisley). Entering competitions encourages encourages friendly rivalry, allows people to track their progress, and pushes people to naturally progress and become better shooters.

Club competitions are shot on an informal basis and help is always available from the range officers who are on duty that day.

Current Club Competitions:

  • PP1 (6 cards required. 7 targets can be submitted, in which case the worst of the 7 targets will be discounted from the competition)
  • Precision (6 cards required. 7 targets can be submitted, in which case the worst of the 7 targets will be discounted from the competition)

How to Enter:

Some competitions (such as the Rose Bowl) are entered by simply turning up on the day and having a go! No pre-registration is required. These are fun, informal events.

The regular club competitions can be entered by simply shooting the competition card and putting it in the bottom drawer, or giving it directly to the event organiser. If in doubt, e-mail the event organiser, or ask the range officer on the night.

For external competitions, please see the instructions provided on the calendar, or e-mail the event organiser.

The current results are also on the club noticeboard in the Lewsey range.






2011 (carried onto 2012):




General Classes of Competitions Include:

Gallery Rifles are generally lightweight magazine rifles that fire low powered ammunition. Although they can often prove surprisingly accurate out to distances of 200 yards, we mostly use them from a standing position as (poor) substitutes for our lost pistols. We have found that we can complete many of the old pistol courses of fire with minimal modification.

Any rifle that has been official military issue anywhere in the world fits into the category of a Service Rifle (SR). Since our government do not trust us with self-loading service rifles, this largely limits us to bolt-action rifles designed in the pre-WW2 era. Many SR competitions are based on the targets and courses of fire used in contemporary military practice; others are a test of the target accuracy that can be achieved from as-issued military equipment.

Both smallbore (.22 rimfire) and fullbore (centrefire) Target Rifles (TR) tend to be heavy-barreled single-shot rifles fitted with precision 'iron' sights. The competitions are shot from the prone position for accuracy; fullbore TR is shot exclusively with .308 or .303 rifles at distances up to 1200 yards. We have a growing group of members who own fullbore rifles fitted with telescopic sights and bipods for which we have created a separate 'F Class' competition.

Because .22 ammunition is cheap, accurate and low-powered, firearms that fire the .22 rimfire cartridge are the most numerous and varied of all. In the last 120 years of invention, every know type of action has been adapted to this versatile cartridge. Members own a number of early designs, and compete in competitions based upon contemporary targets and courses of fire.

When they confiscated our target pistols, even the politicians and police could not justify banning the old cap and ball pistols. Members compete in the standard international courses of fire, and also in close copies of the old cartridge pistol courses of fire.

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