Historic Smallbore Rifle


Because .22 ammunition is cheap, accurate and low-powered, firearms that fire the .22 rimfire cartridge are the most numerous and varied of all. In the last 120 years of invention, every know type of action has been adapted to this versatile cartridge. Members own a number of early designs, and compete in competitions based upon contemporary targets and courses of fire.

Eligible rifles

Each competition may have eligibility rules appropriate to the aims of that specific course of fire, so what follows can only be a generalisation:


Designed prior to the end of 1899


Designed prior to the end of 1918


Designed prior to the end of 1945


Designed after 1945, but without 'modern' features

Courses of Fire

During the Spring and Summer season, the Club members have the opportunity to compete in the Lee Enfield Rifle Association (LERA) Smallbore Summer Leagues. As one might deduce from the name of the association, most of the divisions are for Enfield military training rifles in .22 calibre which only a few of our members own. However, our members who own other makes of historic .22 rifle can enter the "non-Enfield" class.

Each round of this fun and challenging LERA Smallbore Historic course of fire calls for 10 shots Prone, 10 shots Kneeling and 5 shots Standing.

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